Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is leading by motivating. Transformational leaders provide extraordinary motivation by appealing to followers’ ideals and moral values and inspiring them to think about problems in new ways. These followers have felt trust, admiration, loyalty, and respect for them and were motivated to do more than they thought they could, or would do. In essence, transformational leaders make tomorrow’s dreams a reality for their followers. Continue reading

Tips in Moving a Collection

Since I can remember myself I have been a collector. From postage stamps to wine bottle corks, I have managed to collect almost anything imaginable as long as I thought it could be “useful” or was at least “cute”. My mother was usually the one, while I was a kid at least, to advice me that I should be organizing my collections, categorizing my most precious items, or putting everything into place after showing off my collecting efforts when friends came to visit. But, I was a kid and kids know better. My room, of a rather small size, seemed always like it has been bombarded by old movie tickets, empty envelopes with stamps, bottle corks, glass beads, pen lids, old movie stars’ pictures, used batteries, music LP records, old books, newspapers (most of which were at least a year old), worn out clothes, my favorite magazines since the age of five, my summer shoes, name it! When I later entered college and decided to move myself and my collections, I realized that my chaos of a room had to become organized if was ever to succeed. I was going nuts and I was about to scream in despair as my head was playing nasty tricks on me and I was listening to my mom’s voice repeating the old cliché “Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!” Well mom, you did. Fortunately for me, you were also there to help me pack and put some sense into my head when I was insisting to move all those old pieces of scrap paper into my new place. But that happened almost ten years ago. Who is going to help me out now? Continue reading