Media Room Design Creating the Perfect Room

Creating the perfect media room can be very rewarding when done. If you’ve been thinking about taking on the task but are unsure you can create what you envision, don’t worry, because with these great tips you’ll be building the perfect experience for you and your family to enjoy. If the below tips seem like to much, you can always contact a company such as Theater Advice to handle the job for if you live in the Dallas area.

The biggest mistake you can make is to just start building. When you ‘wing it’, you almost always fail. You need to have a plan. So let’s get busy.

1. How much space do you have – you really can’t do anything until you know the size of the room and the length of each wall, so let’s start there. Get your tape measure out and start measuring. Different speaker systems work best with different size rooms. You do not want to overpower your space because then the sound will lose clarity and all you will have is loudness.

2. What’s your budget – Next, you need to decide what your budget is. When it comes to home theaters there is always something bigger and better around the corner, and it’s easy to be sucked in. So set your budget and then don’t let anyone up-sell you. Just look at options within that budget.

3. Shop around – Great now it is time to begin to do your homework. Read product reviews, see who is recommending which systems, and never buy a system on a whim. Start price checking online or you feel like getting out you can start to visit the retailers that may have what you want. You should not buy one of the out-of-the-box systems because almost always you get a mix of good and inferior. In addition, it’s difficult to replace or upgrade when you buy an out-of-the-box system.

While sales personal might try to convince you that in order to have a good experience you need the most expensive equipment, that’s not actually true. There’s always something middle of the road that will be sufficient to fit your budget and your desire for great sound and picture. The best way to determine this is to simply weigh the pros and cons of each system you are looking at. Online can be a really helpful resource to do this, as there are a number of sites that compare products.

4. Make Your Purchase – When you have done your research and your shopping and found the right system it’s time to make that purchase, and get your system home.

5. Plan the Layout – Great now it’s time to measure again, figure out your seating, and then plan how you are going to place your speakers. Remember, you want to have a clean open space for the sound to travel. You do not want it blocked by the furniture. This means you need to think about the best way to use the space in your room for both furniture and speakers.

6. Buy Your Cables – Do not make the mistake of thinking that if you pay ten times more you get ten times better sound. While you do not want the cheapest cables, you don’t need the most expensive either. Use the internet to research the various cable manufacturers and find a middle of the road that you are satisfied with. You’ll save money and you will not lose quality at all.

7. Deal With the Wiring – If you are going to be running wires under the floor or through the walls, leave yourself extra wire in case you need to reposition the speakers. If you are just building your home theater room, remember you can never have enough RJ-6 wire ran. It might cost you a little more but should you decide to more your gear or upgrade later on, it will all be a breeze.

8. Hook it all Up – Now it’s time to put components and speakers in their designated spot and hook it all up.

9. Test – And then test some more. This is the time to tweak things. The best way to do so is to put your favorite song on, something you are really familiar with, and then listen. Sometimes just a couple of inches can make all the difference. You want the sound to surround you.

10. It’s Time to Enjoy – That’s it – now it’s time to gather friends and family, put in your favorite movie and enjoy your new home theater! Your media room design is a success.